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Cannot reply to own email address


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, defect)

Windows XP
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This bug refers to the way Thunderbird creates reply messages when the user opens and message and presses "Reply". 

If the "From" field of a message matches the "email address" field of one of my Thunderbird identities, then the "To" address of the reply is set incorrectly.

This only happens if no "Reply-To" address has been supplied under Account Settings.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Under Account Settings, Default Identity, Email Address, put a bogus email address, e.g. ""
2. Ensure that the "Reply-To" address is blank.
3. Write a message to your usual email address. (If you have more than one identity, make sure you send your message using your Default Identity.)
3. After you have received the message, press Reply.
Actual Results:  
The "To" field of the reply message gets set to my email address.

Expected Results:  
The "To" field ought to be set to "".

i.e. Replies are supposed to go the original SENDER address, not the original RECIPIENT address.

This is bad. Consider what happens when a user posts to a mailing list, for which they are a subscriber. When the post arrives in their inbox, they may press "Reply" to test where replies are sent to.

The result they see in the "To" field of the reply is misleading. They see the mailing list address -- whereas every other subscriber to the mailing list will see the original sender in the "To" field.

(Note: I am assuming the mailing list does not do Reply-To address munging, and therefore there is no "Reply-To" field in the header at all.

This behaviour does not occur in other MUAs I have tried: Cone 0.68, Outlook Express 6, Outlook 2007. (I left the reply-to address field blank in the account settings of these MUAs too.)
I can confirm this behaviour on Thunderbird

Sometimes I post mails on behalf of a colleague. To do so, I have one identity with his email address, e.g. "". Now, if I get an email from him and press "reply", I get a new message with "To:" instead of "To:" as expected.

This bug is annoying and has often resulted in sending answers to myself, which I didn't notice until my mail came back to me.
does this reproduce in version 12?
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-06-11]
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #2)
> does this reproduce in version 12?

Yes it is still present in TB 12.0.1/Windows.

Anyone know why the status of the bug is still "UNCONFIRMED"? I tried to supply a simple test case, and André Lang concurred.
Same for me, problem persists in TB 12.0.1 under Windows.
It's a feature, reply to self allows you to follow up on your own messages, normally it shouldn't be a problem, but i guess there can be edge cases where it's unexpected.
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(In reply to Magnus Melin from comment #5)
> i guess there can be edge cases where it's unexpected.

Actually "edge case"? If so, why many bugs were/are opened due to different result from user's normal expectation?
Can "reply to self feature" be changed to optional for many users who are never eager for the feature?
if we're not going to kill this, STM it should be confirmed or be given some flag
Ever confirmed: true
Well, there have been some bug reports but the bugs i've seen there have been very few good use cases - often it's kind of a misconfiguration (e.g. spouces sharing accounts and email-addresses and then sending mail between them), or just testers  explicitly testing reporting that it was unexpected but then when explained seemed to find it ok.

There is imo good incentive to have it as default. For the normal case when you follow up to yourself threading and all is kept intact for all parties.
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