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Misc improvements to performance runtests to improve reporting.


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From Edwin Smith:

Some suggestions to make #s more relevant:

1. calculate %stdev instead of stdev, that is, %stdev = stdev/avg.  this will
normalize all the stdev results, currently they are in the measurement units
and its easier to understand if they are unitless %.

2. calculates "significance" as %diff / (%stdev1 + %stdev2).  Test with large
standard devitions (lots of noise) thus require a larger %diff before the
change can be considered significant.

Not to touch on religious issues here... some small changes are still
desireable (or not desireable) even if they are "insignificant" calculated this
way.  but more importantly this will highlight the truly significant changes. 
(with signifiance outside the noise band, say > 1 or < -1).
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Attached patch Improve performance reporting (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Add %diff and %stddev to report as well as significance indicators.
Assignee: nobody → cpeyer
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Patch also adds the ability to specify files in cygwin path-format even when using windows python.
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Attachment #407915 - Flags: review?(brbaker)
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Updated patch - also includes improved cygwin support

- the /bold/ does not work on windows and is actually messes up the formatting a little because there are additional characters being inserted. I am guessing you could see the same issue if you piped the output to a file on mac

- could you comment a little around the "--", "-", "+" "++" code, exactly what is this trying to tell the user?
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Updated patch - also includes improved cygwin support

Have you checked to see what the performance difference is, if any, with compiling with -AS3? Should new baseline data be generated so that we can compare the performance of milestone builds properly?
Attached patch Add -p --prettyprint option (obsolete) — Splinter Review
-p option will bold tests with significant performance change

+/- also indicates significant performance change:
- : -2 < sig < -1
-- : sig < -2
+ : 1 < sig < 2
++ : sig > 2
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pushed redux 2923:5f7b60c15f76
Closed: 10 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Was previously trying to fix winmobile paths which was causing failures.
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Update to not fix cygwin paths on winmobile.

looks ok.  on mac I did no see the results appear in bold on my shell but the ++,+,--,- is useful to point out signficant changes in pretty-print mode.
pushed (fixed patch) changeset 2940	e962fef8d694
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