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Port |Bug 517417 - access violation: while compiling xulrunner tries to test for Mercurial repositories above its build dir| to comm-central


(MailNews Core :: Build Config, defect, trivial)

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Thunderbird 3.1a1


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(Av1) Just port it
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No risk, safer command.
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(Av1) Just port it
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I don't think we need to take this on 1.9.1 especially as mozilla-1.9.1 hasn't got the equivalent either so it won't actually be better in any way.
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Depends on: 515792
(untested) trivial copy of m-c patch.


PS: None of these 2 bugs landed on m-1.9.2, but that should not cause any trouble.
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> (Bv1) Port bug 515792 too

What has that got to do with this bug apart from a mild association? This bug was fixed over a month ago, can we stop doing additional patches in RESOLVED bugs please.
Blocks: 536136
No longer depends on: 515792
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I filed bug 536136.
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