Open Bug 524579 Opened 10 years ago

CEIP: Track number and type of open and hidden tabs


(Other Applications :: ChatZilla, enhancement)

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(Reporter: bugzilla-mozilla-20000923, Assigned: rginda)


We now have code that finds all views (getViewsContext()) including hidden ones, so it would be good to combine that with CEIP and store a few interesting tab stats:
 - Maximum number of tabs open.
 - Average number of tabs open, including type breakdown.
 - New views by type.

The main question is not really the stats, but how to calculate them. We need a defined period at the end of which they are logged. I'm currently thinking of per-hour, and when the client is closed (at each point, the stats reset).

E.g. if the client was open for 2.5 hours, we'd log stats for the first hour, the second hour, and on close the final 0.5 hours.

We could always go for a larger time period like 12 or 24 hours so most times it's the whole session, but I'm not sure.
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