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CEIP: Track preferences which are set


(Other Applications :: ChatZilla, enhancement)

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(Reporter: bugzilla-mozilla-20000923, Assigned: rginda)


I'd like to log data on which preferences are set to non-default values (but not the values themselves, of course!). This normally only needs to be logged when a pref is changed from default->non-default and visa versa, and should include the object type (client, network, channel, user, ...), preference name and whether it is now defaulted or not.

My main concern is whether there is any sensible way to capture the non-default state for preferences changed prior to this being implemented. For things other than the client, this seems to be tricky to get right. Not sure what to do about this, really.
Summary: CEIP: Track properties which are set → CEIP: Track preferences which are set
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