remove "I'd like to build the world a browser" from hold music rotation


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8 years ago
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Seriously. Sometimes we use these conference lines for co-ordination with partners, and subjecting them to that song is not only embarrassing, it's somewhat cruel.

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8 years ago
There's a number of tracks in there that are questionable, and it'd be nice if
there was an option to disable hold music for a particular bridge in the webui
or have something a little more generic (I know, muzak sucks, but it's useful
for letting people know that they are actually connected to something without
wondering wtf). :)
All of the conference rooms have a playlist setting and you can change the playlist for each one.  The owner of the room has full control of that.  Look for "Conferences" in the left navigation in your user portal.

I can and should make a few more people admins for the 86xx conference rooms.
OK, that's good to know (and yes, I'd appreciate being made an admin for at least 8605 and 8604). In the meantime, let's not creep this too far from comment 0.

There is never an excuse for that song to exist as hold music. It's not a good song, it's shameless promotion, and it makes ears bleed (there have been studies).

Let's get rid of it, please.
I recommend replacing this track with the dulcet tones of Richard Stallman singing the Free Software Song.

Jono Bacon's deathmetal version ( would also be acceptable, as would Jonathan Coulton's folk cover (
It's gone. :)
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