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Integrate modal dialog API into Mozmill


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Once the shared modal dialog API has been finished we have to implement it into Mozmill itself to allow the handling of modal windows out of the box. Bugs like bug 521762 suffer from it - we can only temporarily fix those bugs for now.

There is still a couple of work to do before we are in a state where we can say lets take this module. I'll add bug dependencies as needed.
Blocks: 521762
Depends on: 560820
No longer depends on: 512475, 519714
Now with bug 560820 fixed, it will need some time to proof the stability and possible follow-ups. Lets make a decision to integrate it for Mozmill 1.5.3 later.
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.5.3?]
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.5.3?] → [mozmill-1.5.3?][mozmill-2.0?]
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.5.3?][mozmill-2.0?] → [mozmill-1.5.3?][mozmill-2.0+]
Nothing for the hotfix-1.5 branch.
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.5.3?][mozmill-2.0+] → [mozmill-2.0+]
This is now implemented in our Window wrapper class on bug 639870. It only needs to get ported completely.
Depends on: 639870
Depends on: 673399
No longer depends on: 673399
Whiteboard: [mozmill-2.0+] → [mozmill-2.0-][mozmill-next?]
Mozmill will reach its end of life soon. We are currently working on getting all the tests for Firefox ported to Marionette. For status updates please see bug 1080766.
Closed: 10 years ago
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