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This is the only modern mail client I know of which supports displaying message list THREADED but which LACKS a Move/Delete Thread option.

While reading mailing lists entire (and often huge) threads need to be managed in bulk. 

A right click on any message in threaded view which has subordinate messages should offer a Move/Delete Thread option, which if selected would operate on the selected message and all of it's subordinates.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Right Click a Thread-Leader message in message list
2. Notice lack of Thread operations.
3. Compare to something like Kmail
Actual Results:  
Option missing

Expected Results:  
Would live to see Thread operations in message list view


9 years ago
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Comment 1

9 years ago
in tb 3, operations on collapsed threads apply to the whole thread.

In 2 and 3.0, you can select the whole thread by clicking in the left most column of the thread pane, and then apply any command to the selection.

Comment 2

9 years ago
Actually the column you have to click is the one with the Thread Icon (which in the stock install does not seem to be the leftmost).

This puts a list in the message pane, which requires careful positioning to select that small icon, clicking it, moving the mouse down, and pressing one of the buttons in the preview pain, OR drilling down the list of possible move locations to find trash or some other folder you want to use.

Hitting delete once you have them selected does appear to delete, but other targets are much harder.
Not blocking Thunderbird 3 on this.

As David said there are easy ways to select a thread (and keyboard shortcuts available for collapsing threads) which is what your comment 0 seemed to be asking for.

Your comment 2 then seems to be complaining you can't use the context menu, although it is perfectly available as soon as you have selected the messages (and has everything delete, archive, move, copy etc).
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5 years ago
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