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provide folder search within bookmarks according to matching characters


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Currently, I have to select a folder amongs N folders into my bookmarks to get THE folder in which I want to store my new bookmark.
Then, I scroll a **lot**

Reproducible: Always

I would prefer Firefox to let me enter characters in an input text field, so that Firefox would be able to match folders (and even normal entries ?) according to the characters I have entered and to display them to let the user select one.
Then, I won't need to scroll a **lot** to find the folder I want.

Note : it sounds like the awesome bar feature added to the bookmarks.
No longer blocks: 649319
I think you could be making a bit of confusion between folders and tags, maybe for your use case you'd better go with tags (They have some sort of autocomplete)
Component: General → Bookmarks & History
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btw, the title of the bug is a dupe of bug 406157, but the request looks more toward having a folder autocomplete in the Add Bookmark panel.
Priority: -- → P5
Severity: normal → S3
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