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Theme preview should be made branding-aware or branding-agnostic


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Thunderbird 38.0


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The thunderbird themes preview.png currently include the Thunderbird name, making the png branding-dependent. It should either be made
branding-aware (possibility to change it through --with-branding directory), or
branding-agnostic (removing the name from the preview image).
Mass move to the new theme component.
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Like Firefox I removed the previews which are anyway outdated. The icon is now the monochrome TB-bird like the FX logo. The icon64.png is for details pane in Add-on manager.
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Some potentially relevant stuff discussed on IRC:

14:52:10 - JosiahOne: Do you think you could get the shadowing closer to the Fx one? So it looks like the icon is "ingrained" within the background.
14:52:56 - JosiahOne: Paenglab: Also, I feel like it needs some component of the envelope. Maybe just the outline of the bottom.
14:53:18 - JosiahOne: Similar to how Fx has the top of the globe.
14:55:24 - Paenglab: JosiahOne: For the Fx icon, it's the tail and not the globe.
14:56:43 - JosiahOne: Paenglab: The very top?
14:57:10 - JosiahOne: I guess it sort of is. It's hard to tell.
14:57:29 - Paenglab: Okay, maybe the globe ;)
14:58:16 - JosiahOne: Regardless, right now the TB icon looks like it has a cutout in it, since the envelope was removed. I think it might look nicer with the bottom of the envelope.
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Okay, this is what I can do with my experience. I added a wireframe of the letter to close the icon circle a bit.
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That's much better, and I can't do any better, so let's just go ahead with this and hope it lures in designers. :)
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