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Support creating repacks in all locales Firefox is offered in


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Move from the current hard-coded list of ten locales we support for created repacks to the full set of locales Firefox is available in. This list of locales should be taken from the current "Product" definition's "locales" value. Consideration will have to be given to locales which are dropped from being officially supported, as this has happened in the past.
Added time estimate.  There might be an external data source we can use for locales.  Also, this might be made a little tricky by needing to remember to disable locales that are no longer supported.
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: 04 hrs
Right now all locales are specified in the product table, so we can probably use that. Alternatively, locales can be sourced from mercurial at

Does it make sense to maintain a per-product set of locales, and then have a table/reference master for country codes->language descriptors?

Neilio: if you have opinions on how this should be implemented (i.e. ajax-y lookups and adds to a list vs. a pile of checkboxes), that would be good additional commentary for this :)
The external data source I alluded to is here:

I believe that gets used by and to build up-to-date product pages and version selectors.

Thinking we might be able to tie usefully into that somehow.
Assignee: nobody → neilio
Picking up for UI work.
Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
First draft mock-ups:



Using a combination of a checkbox list for common locales, search box for other locales, and a second list for selected locales.
Assignee: neil → chowse
For some of the style changes, I'm preparing a CSS style guide here:

Attempting to use CSS3 w/ graceful degradation wherever possible.

These are clearly P2 changes, but a few elements (repack name at the top, larger 'Next Step' button) I'd still like to make it into the first iteration.
Just checked in r67121 with an initial implementation of this.  It should be working on staging... mostly

There might be some issues in the actual build process, though, since I'm not sure if the process of fetching all the original builds in all locales supported in product details works.
it should, will test, tho.
(In reply to comment #8)
> it should, will test, tho.

I think things are fine from the web app side of things, but it looks like the repack script is having trouble downloading some builds.

Running another try on my laptop, but it seems to be churning away on all the popular locales fine so far.
With recent tweaks to constrain the list of possible locales, I'm going to say that this one is done pending QA
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Updated the locales to what are official releases, as well. The current list, taken from, is:

af ar as be bg bn-BD bn-IN ca cs cy da de el en-GB en-US eo es-AR es-ES et eu fa fi fr fy-NL ga-IE gu-IN he hi-IN hr hu is id it ja kn ko lt lv mk mr nb-NO nl nn-NO oc pa-IN pl pt-BR pt-PT ro ru si sk sl sq sr sv-SE te th tr uk vi zh-CN zh-TW

This should also correct the build failures we were seeing due to some locales configured in the app being in beta and not a release version.
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