Please create English (All) dictionary (pledge $20/-)


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8 years ago
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8 years ago
The group to which I communicate include people from India, US, UK, Australia.
I wish there is one English Dictionary which contain all words in English, 
something like English (All)

I want somebody to combine all dictionaries
* English (Australian)
* English (British)
* English (Canadian)
* English (South African)
* English (US)
listed at

if possible also please include all terms in science, technology, IT, legal, business, medical etc.
(see OpenMedSpel - )

I am pledging US$20/- for who ever fix this bug and listed it at firefox add dictionaries site with an open source license.
I can send you/team US$20/- as a money order from US bank or pay through PayPal.

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8 years ago
Marking Invalid.  This bug is not a problem with or a request for, and I cannot think of a suitable choice of Product.  In addition, we certainly do not want bugs like “Please create a such-and-such add-on (pledge $20).”

See bug 69687 for another approach.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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For what it's worth, any dictionary with that many words is going to have a large memory footprint and take a lot of CPU to do anything with.

Also, check out 

"The English language has so many words that if you included them all, then common typographical errors would often match (by coincidence) a valid English word and therefore not be detected by the spell checker. Which would go against the whole point of a spell checker: To catch spelling errors."


2 years ago
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