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Set up new "staging" site for


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Not set


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Need a staging site set up for work.

URL needs to be

1) Checkout from SVN to some directory
2) Copy includes/ to includes/ and edit appropriately (pretty sure only $config['server_name'] and $config['file_root'] need to be set)
3) Add cronjob for front-page feed parser. Example would be: 
*/10 * * * * root cd /data/www/; ./feed-parser.php -c ./feed-parser-config.xml 
4) Add apache vhost (can just copy from production and s/www/www-stage/

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
What's your time frame for this?
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> What's your time frame for this?

A week or so... No particular date, but it's also one of two P1s for, so two weeks at the most, if at all possible.

Based on my experience, I estimate that this will take ~15 min. or less to set up, if that helps in your planning.
We already have a, based on

Is this sufficient? If not, we'll need to discuss nomenclature for the domain name.
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> We already have a, based on
> Is this sufficient? If not, we'll need to discuss nomenclature for the domain
> name.

trunk is the production site, so I guess and are identical currently. This should make setting up the staging site easy. So, try the following: `svn switch` within the www-stage directory. Also, I still would like to make sure that the vhosts for and are identical (besides the names/paths/etc.).
Assignee: server-ops → thardcastle
D    images/promos
D    images/ample.png
U    .htaccess
U    contribute/index.html
D    causes/grants/IFOSSLR.html
D    causes/grants/OVA.html
D    causes/grants/FSCONS.html
D    causes/grants/FirefoxDAISY.html
D    causes/grants/CreativeCommons.html
D    causes/grants/URJC.html
U    community/mirrors.html
U    projects/mozilla-based.html
D    projects/fennec/1.0b5
U    projects/security/secgrouplist.html
U    projects/calendar/sunbird/index.html
U    style/screen.css
U    security/announce/2009/mfsa2009-45.html
U    security/announce/2009/mfsa2009-59.html
U    security/announce/2009/mfsa2009-46.html
U    about/owners.html
Updated to revision 55942.

I replaced the existing vhost config with a copy of production.
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Product: → Graveyard
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