Menu item "File > New > Saved Search..." not available on all folders



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The menu item "File > New > Saved Search..." allows to create a "virtual folder" consisting of results of a predefined message search.

Strangely, this menu item is not always available.

It is available when an Inbox or Drafts IMAP folder is selected.
It is availble when a local folder is selected in folder pane - except for outbox folder.

It is available when Sent folder is selected - at least for some IMAP accounts, for other accounts it is not available.

It is not available when any of the other folders of IMAP accounts is selected.

This behaviour seems erratic to me. Especially as in the "New Saved Search Folder" dialog you can select
- any folder as target folder (where the saved search will reside)
- any set of  folders to be searched

Reproducible: Always
Anything in Tools-> Error console when this happens ?
Do you have the issue when starting in -safe-mode ?
I just figured that "Saved Search..." is not always enabled when selecting "Drafts" folder. On one account it is displayed when "Drafts" or "Sent" is selected. On another account (at the same server) it is not available when "Drafts" or "Sent" is selected.

Nothing in error console.

Behaviour does not change when running with -safe-mode
Regarding comment #2

I just figured out something important:

Behaviour depends on the setting "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages". If unchecked in advanced server setting, "File > New > Saved Search..." menu is not available except when Inbox folder is selected.

So to reproduce this bug, go to 

  account settings > server settings > advanced 

and uncheck option "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages"
That might be by design.
I can't think of any reasonable design that would show this behaviour :-)

Just kidding. As I take it, saved searches are stored locally and not on the server. So how can the function "new saved search" depend on the server's configuration? 

As I wrote in comment 3, I can force TB to exhibit this behaviour by unchecking "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages" on a server that is known to support folders with sub-folders and messages.
I forgot to mention

  "File > New > Saved Search..."

is not available

  "File > New > Folder..."

is also missing (or the other way round).
I found an inconsistency that clearly shows, that this behaviour is not by design.

Though the menu item "File > New > Saved Search..." is missing, I can create a saved search through the quick search bar as follows:

Quick search bar has menu options. The last option is "save search as virtual folder". 
- Select folder
- check that menu "File > New > Saved Search..." is missing
- in quick search bar menu, select any filter except "search all messages"
- enter text in quick search bar
- select "save search as virutal folder" from quick search bar menu.

Voila, you just created a virtual folder.
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