"All Bookmarks" doesn't show all bookmarks; left view is not multi-level




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From the Library, click "All Bookmarks" in the left treeview.

Actual results:
The right treeview is now restricted to a similar bird's eye view of the bookmarks as appears in the left pane.

In fact, the right treeview--the one that's presumably supposed to show great detail--displays an even more restricted view than the left one, because there you can expand, e.g., the Bookmarks Menu to give a rough view of the folder hierarchies therein. As much as my testing shows, when "All Bookmarks" is selected in the left treeview, the right one will only ever show the following items:

*Bookmarks Toolbar
*Bookmarks Menu
*Unsorted Bookmarks


Expected results:
Clicking on an "All Bookmarks" item should show a multi-level, expanded-by-default, uncloseable (i.e., no toggleOpenState) treeview with all bookmarks--tagged ("unsorted"), those in the bookmarks menu, and those in the toolbar. This would be similar to the Bookmarks Sidebar, but automatically expanded and uncollapsible.

Suggested solution:
Rename "All Bookmarks" to "Bookmarks" (cf. "History" item in left treeview) to eliminate the expectation that results from this misnomer.

Perhaps a more fitting solution would to do rename the item, but also make it behave as outlined in the expected results, because that kind of behavior is genuinely useful. A view that will only show fewer items than it's supposedly less powerful counterpart is not.

This apparently derives from the decision to make the right treeview flat rather than multi-level. If the rationale is something other than ambivalence about how to do sorting on tree columns when a container is closed, I'd be interested to hear it.
The "uncollapsible" in the last sentence of the expected results paragraph should instead say "uncloseable".
we don't plan to do this, the current view is the expected design so far, though surely we'll explore different views in future.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
This bug is about the difference between the expectations of what "All Bookmarks" will show, and what actually happens when you select it (which is that all bookmarks are not, in fact, shown).  Comment 0 describes one suggestion to remedy this by showing an exploded view.  I take it that that suggestion is what you were focusing on when you marked this WONTFIX.  The string as-it-is is still problematic.

The other suggestion would be to rename "All Bookmarks" to simply "Bookmarks":
(from comment #0)
> cf. "History" [...]
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