use background-size to shrink height of persona header to height of top chrome

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Personas should use the new support for proportional resizing of background images via the background-size CSS property to shrink the height of persona header images to the height of top chrome.

At the very least, this should be an option in preferences, and we should seriously consider doing it by default, since the inability for users to see the entire persona image as presented in the gallery is one of the most persistent and popular complaints among Personas users.

We might consider doing this for the footer as well, although I think it's less important there, and perhaps it doesn't make sense for the footer, which is more apt to change height as users open and close the Find toolbar.

One issue with this is that some persona designers have added text to their personas which will be illegible when resized.

But adding text to personas is a bad idea in general, as it is often illegible because it gets covered by chrome and looks bad even when not covered by chrome because text has the characteristic of strong lines of alignment (along its edges), but the text in personas is not well aligned with chrome elements.

I think we should continue to discourage it and not block this change just because it'll make that bad idea even worse.

I suggest we make this a priority for the next version of Personas.
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: -- → Future
I would also like to suggest that we encourage artists to create smaller height images, or images of different dimensions, if they please. I use Vimperator, so the tool-bar real estate is really tiny (pretty much tab bar only), but some Personas that concentrate on the top of the image still look really good. If the artists knew that this tiny strip was one possible canvas, I'm sure they could do something really special.
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