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Change "Clear Recent History" to "Clear Private Data"


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In preferences, I think we should replace "Clear Recent History" with "Clear Private Data".  This is what the feature used to be called in desktop Firefox before, in 3.5, we added the ability to define a range of how far back we want to remove data and select what specifically you wan to remove, at which point it changed to "Clear Recent History."

Post-1.0 I think we'll want to give people the ability to have more control over what they delete and for what time range.  For now, I think the most basic and  important scenario is just resetting the browser to a "clean" state, which is what it does right now.

Clear Private Data, in pre-3.5 desktop firefox, did what the current "Clear recent history" feature does by default: it clears browsing and download history, form and search history, cookies you've accepted, your cache, and your currently active logins.  The logic here is that these are all things related to what you've been doing on the web, which is a reasonable match for most people's understanding of what "history" means.
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I'm actually a bit worried now that I've reviewed this that this clears out saved passwords. I'm not sure whether that's expected of this button - about the only thing it doesn't clear out is bookmarks?
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This'll have to be updated in our litmus subgroups
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