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reword "save and quit" and session restore dialogs to help users understand that session cookies will be preserved


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Both the session restore and the "Save and Quit" dialog (see attachment) currently asks users if they would like to "restore their windows and tabs" or "save their  tabs" but doesn't give the user any indication that their session cookies will also be preserved.

Lucas and Dan have pointed out that for users who have a good knowledge of how  cookies work, this can lead to the surprising and unexpected discovery that their session cookies have persisted. If at all possible, we should change the wording to carry this implication and allow users to reason about the consequences.

These dialogs previously referred to "Sessions" (back in Firefox 2 days) which had been confusing to our early adopter audience, and was switched to "windows and tabs" which users better understood. IE8 currently uses the term "session", though, so we may wish to revisit this conclusion. Alternatively, we may wish to find better wording here, altogether.
cc'ing Dan and Lucas, as well as some usual UX suspects
I'm fine with "session" since it seems easy enough for mainstream users to understand, and holds extra semantic meaning for the small number of users who understand session cookies.
It may indeed be that times have changed since the heady days of Firefox 2, but I suspect that "session" still carries little semantic meaning for many users.

Maybe if we changed it to something along the lines of:

Do you want Namoroka to save your tabs for the next time it starts?

"Do you want Firefox to save what you're doing for the next time it starts?"
"Do you want Firefox to save this state for the next time is starts?"
"Do you want Firefox to save your tabs and web pages for the next time it starts?"

We can also rename the action buttons to match something like:

"Should Firefox keep your tabs and state for the next time it starts?"
"Would you like to continue where you left off next time Firefox starts?"

Lucas, part of your original question was also in Session Restore, but it strikes me that at that point the session cookies have already been saved. Should we exclude that from this part of the conversation?
There was a lot of discussion in bug 443354 about this cookie issue as well.
See Also: → 443354
Paul, is this now INVALID given that we don't ask about session restore on shutdown anymore?
Sort of, but not entirely. The dialog still exists, we just don't show it by default.
Duplicate of this bug: 1214698
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