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Restore windows at the saved position without moving them around on the screen


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When a couple of windows are open and you start/stop the PB mode or restart Firefox all windows are restored at the position of the first window and moved to their target (saved) position afterward. That doesn't look nice. Can we directly restore the windows at their saved position?

1. Open a couple of windows
2. Start/Stop the Private Browsing mode

Once you stop the Private Browsing mode you will see the mentioned behavior from above.
We should be able to now, thanks to bug 509828 (which I think was the problem). I haven't tried yet, but it should be a trivial change.

This is on my (growing) list of changes to make to sessionstore after 3.6.
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So I think this is all we need. I think we want to leave restoreDimensions as is (for when we reuse a window and setting sizemode).

As for testing... we call restoreDimensions in a setTimeout, so perhaps we could observe domwindowopened with window watcher & that'll fire before the restoreDimensions gets called? I can try. Otherwise is there a way to test this automatically or would we need a litmus test?
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There's a mochitest already to ensure that openWindow with height, etc. work. I tried to write another here, but it's not working out so well, so it doesn't seem worth it.

I also looked into doing sizemode at the same time, but that'd be a bigger change down in windowwatcher/widget to get working, so not worth doing here.
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We can test this with a litmus test. Just save a session with multiple windows open & positioned around the screen. Quit and restore. The first window will still move around because we don't open that, but the subsequent windows should open where there were at quit.
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