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2.0.1 relnotes, draft 1

Attached are the draft relnotes for 2.0.1.

If Stuart doesn't fix bug 529989 and bug 525758 before we're ready to freeze, we'll delete the second and/or third items (Help menu and Camino Crash Reporter) before checking this in, and have Marcello just remove them from the translated notes.  But for now we're including them in order to get the notes ready and off to l10n ASAP.
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2.0.1 relnotes, draft 1

> The following changes and improvements have been made since the Camino 2.0 release.
> Camino 2.0.1 contains the following improvements over version 2.0:

Do we always have both those lines? Seems really redundant... even more so for .1 where the section title is also saying the same thing.

sr=smorgan, but I'd be happier if the non-bold sentence were axed.
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It's been there since 1.0.2; my recollection is that mento wanted it added, but I can't find any hard data to back that up (when we reworked things to satisfy mento for 1.5.1, we cleaned up that sentence, but we didn't strike it).

The logic behind it is that it's the explanatory sentence to follow that major heading, and the bolded sentence is actually the (sub)heading for the bullet points (see the parallel structure with the "Features in Camino 2" section).  I agree it looks a little redundant on the N.0.1 release, but it's a very good fit when you have 10 little sections below it.
(We can continue this discussion later; I won't check in the file until we're ready to freeze/spin, so we can make deletions until then, but l10n can get started now on the file as-is.)
Checked in on cvs trunk and CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH as attached above, with requisite installer/ kicking to boot.
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