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E10s: Tp4 hangs


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The Tp4 test is terminating/crashing pretty consistently on e10s tinderbox on MacOS and Windows. I thought this was random orange, but this symptom doesn't show up on mozilla-central and it's very consistent.
That's only incidentally related: this merge-blocker is about OOPP off, not on.
Apparently this is just a hang, not a crash (the Teminated notice is Talos killing off the process after a hang). AFAICT, the browser is fully responsive: it just never fires the onload event for a page.
Summary: E10s: Tp4 crashes → E10s: Tp4 hangs
Is there a testcase for this? Or which test is hanging?
I could reproduce, intermittently, on mac, following the instructions for standalone Talos

And running only the 'tp' test. I'm not sure whether it's always the same test or not. I'm doing a run on mozilla-central soon, to make sure that I can't reproduce it there. I also don't know whether this is related to plugin stuff or tab/event stuff.
I can reproduce with e10s, can't reproduce with mozilla-central. I'm going to try reproducing with the electrolysis-plugins-only branch which contains only the plugin changes, not the OOP tab changes, to narrow the problem. If this isn't a problem with the plugin-only branch it doesn't need to block bug 523094
Uh, this is tricky. I can reproduce this maybe every 7th time when I run tp.
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