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race condition with lock files in (components.list.lck: Permission denied, all-test-dirs.list.lck: Permission denied)


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I just hit two of these in a row, maybe I'm unlucky. I'm guessing this is something similar to bug 522804, but in, which is what uses for locking. Maybe I should just rewrite in Python and use lockFile from (since I fixed the race conditions there already).
Don't know why I'm cc'ed on this bug - did you mean Neil Deakin?
Wrong Neil. :)
My original complaint to Ted referred to components.list.lck but for comparison, I just got this on SFU with a -j2 build:
>/usr/local/bin/perl -I/dev/fs/C/hg/comm/mozilla/config /dev/fs/C/hg/comm/mozilla/config/ \
>  ../../../mozilla/_tests/xpcshell/all-test-dirs.list \
>  test_imap/unit
>/usr/local/bin/perl -I/dev/fs/C/hg/comm/mozilla/config /dev/fs/C/hg/comm/mozilla/config/ \
>  ../../../mozilla/_tests/xpcshell/all-test-dirs.list \
>  test_addbook/unit
>/dev/fs/C/hg/mozilla/_tests/xpcshell/all-test-dirs.list.lck: Device busy
>gmake[6]: *** [libs] Error 16
>gmake[6]: Leaving directory `/dev/fs/C/hg/mailnews/addrbook/test'
>gmake[5]: *** [test_libs] Error 2
>gmake[5]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
(Device busy is the SFU error when trying to delete a file that is open.
Text file busy is the SFU error when trying to delete a running executable.)
I rewrote in Python (it's only about 30 lines) since I already fixed the race condition bugs in the lockFile implementation in config/

I'll have a patch up shortly.
Assignee: nobody → ted.mielczarek
The implementation is pretty simple, I've included some basic unit tests as well. Most of this patch is just a search and replace from calls to to calls to That bit in toolkit/xre/ referencing embedding/browser/gtk/src/ no longer seems to be relevant, so I've removed it.

Seemed easier to write this than to fumble through fixing
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rewrite in Python

Awesome. If you're going to remove right away, make sure comm-central guys know (or you can leave it around for a bit while they update).
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Good call, CCing some more c-c folks. The removal is really just a search-and-replace, so the patch should be trivial.
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That world with branches instead of ifdefs for other people's branches, where it would be a simple search/replace? I want to live there.
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ifdef MOZILLA_1_9_2_BRANCH
I can just leave there until you stop the madness, if that would make your life easier.
(but you have to promise to remove it for me later.)
O, my future daughter! O, my future ducats!

Using BUILDLIST would be prettier now, but only if some unknown person in the unknowable future will realize that they should completely undo it while dropping 1_9_2 ifdefs, rather than just dropping the version and leaving our copy of oddly different. My version looks like crap now, but ensures that no matter how blindly someone removes the ifdefs, we'll end up where we want to be, with as little difference from mozilla-central as possible. (Or, I guess we could define BUILDLIST in mozilla-central's copy, rather than having eight repeats of "$(PYTHON) $(MOZILLA_DIR)/config/".)
Pushed to m-c:
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I totally checked in tests with the Python rewrite.
Flags: in-testsuite- → in-testsuite+
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