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Update Linux boxes to latest relplatform version (20 / with gcc 4.3) and get trunk Linux builders using gcc 4.3


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Thunderbird 3.1a1


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In bug 528715 we set up a Linux builder on staging with trunk and branch builds and got it running gcc 4.3 just like the FF builders are.

The runs we've done of both unit test (check, xpcshell-tests, mozmill) and bloat tests have all been stable and are not showing crashes like we're getting on the trunk bloat boxes (covered by bug 521549).

Whilst we could just push a bit more to get bug 521549 fixed, upgrading the builders to match FF is a good thing IMHO anyway.

The unit test results have been stable.

From a bloat perspective the numbers look reasonable.

Average of last five builds of current trunk builders (gcc 4.1.1):

Mail Lk: 842.2 KB
Mail MH: 25.66 MB
Mail Allocs: 602424.2

For the gcc 4.3 builds on staging (again average over 5):

Mail Lk: 842.6 KB
Mail MH: 25.66 MB
Mail Allocs: 596815.2

So Lk and MH are about the same, allocs are possibly slightly better.

In summary then I think we can probably go with this, I'll put a patch up for mozconfigs once bug 531414 is fixed and we can take it from there.
Taking this bug over until all linux builders are updated to refplatform v20
Assignee: bugzilla → gozer
All Linux VMs are updated to refplatform v20, back to you Mark.
Assignee: gozer → bugzilla
Mozconfig updated.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
No longer blocks: 536299
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