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Create gearman interface for cake


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To run our L10n stats, we need a Gearman interface. It probably makes sense for us to have a generic library that we can make an svn external, and then have a Cake component to tie it to AMO with.
I made a simplified PHP interface to the Net_Gearman library here:

For simple test cases, it works well already, but I am still having trouble hooking it up to Cake. Working on it.
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All right, the external is already set and should be pulled in automatically. This patch contains the first two gearman-powered maintenance tasks for l10n.

If you want to check this out, `pear install Net_Gearman-0.2.3`, then go to vendors/gearman-php, edit the config file to point to a gearman server and adapt the jobs directory path so it points to amo/bin/gearman-jobs (alternatively, you could just symlink that as gearman-php/jobs). The run `php gearman-worker.php` to start a single worker. Finally, running the maintenance tasks should dispatch jobs that are then picked up by the running worker.
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Patch, rev. 1

There is a bunch of stuff referencing LOCALIZER_FEED_URL which doesn't exist.  Please diff against trunk.
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Sorry about that :( I need to check in what I have so far, so we can build on that.
I checked this into trunk, because it won't hurt others, and a new patch off the former trunk would be huge. Please check it out, and if it works well enough for you, we can mark this fixed.
Blocks: 536141
Blocks: 536143
The interface exists now.

QA: This is transparent to you. You'll be able to verify this bug once bug 536143 is in place and the localizer dashboard (bug 531883) shows (commit and statistical) data.
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[11:42am] clouserw: as QA is concerned though, all you're really looking at is 1) Is the "Recent Activity" box filled in?  2) Are there bar charts with useful numbers on the right?
[11:43am] clouserw: when looking at a URL like:
Wil: re: 2) in comment 7, I'm only seeing percentages in tooltips on hover; should I be seeing them as a bar-graph label, too?
You should see green and red parts -- bug not spelled-out numbers other than the tooltip.
(In reply to comment #8)
> Wil: re: 2) in comment 7, I'm only seeing percentages in tooltips on hover;
> should I be seeing them as a bar-graph label, too?

no, they are fine
Thx; verified FIXED.
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