Need to update Thunderbird product details php file (and figure out a decoupling so that momo folks can do it)


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8 years ago
We're about to release TB3.  This means that we need to change

to refer to 3.0.

We need this ASAP, as we're possibly releasing TB3 early next week.  We could do two things:

1) a short-term fix, which is to have someone with permissions to that file do the change on MoMo's behalf.

2) a long-term fix, which is to change the layout in of to make it so that the data about thunderbird is pulled from specific revisions of an equivalent file on momo's svn repo.  

Specifically, make it so that:

  thunderbirdDetails.php is a symlink to thunderbird/thunderbirdDetails.php
  and thunderbird becomes a new svn:external to svn.m.o/momo/product-details

or some equivalent. (The above should mean that no other part of the app needs tweaking).

If we can do 2) soon we don't need to do 1).  If 2) is acceptable we can come up with a patch, as long as we can get review & deployment soon. 

I may have messed up some details, so will cc some relevant folks.
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Why not just give someone from MoMo write access to thunderbirdDetails and the thunderbird history?

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8 years ago
If you're ok w/ that, I suspect we are too.
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Diff for thunderbirdHistory.class.php and thunderbirdDetails.class.php

In case we don't get access before we need it, here's the diff that we need applying to the thunderbird*.class.php files.

Rafael's prepared it, I've given it a quick visual check.

I believe this can be checked in as soon as someone can do it as all the websites that are using it should be pulling in specific versions of the repository. If that's wrong, please correct me!
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Diff for thunderbirdHistory.class.php and thunderbirdDetails.class.php

Fred, can you look at this and land it on trunk and stage ASAP?
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8 years ago
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8 years ago
Comment on attachment 416471 [details] [diff] [review]
Diff for thunderbirdHistory.class.php and thunderbirdDetails.class.php

Looks good, minus the indentation problems. I'll check it in.
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8 years ago
Content: r57471, whitespace fixes: r57472. Finally, staged in r57473.

Keeping this open until we land it on prod.
Staged on in r57475.
FYI Thunderbird 3 is now live on and we took the update as well. From a Thunderbird perspective the change required is fixed, however we still need to agree/set up a long-term solution.
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Fred: Please push product-details to production. You can then resolve this as FIXED.

We should spin-out the "get access to Mozilla Messaging" part of this bug and work with clouserw and morgamic to figure out how that's best handled.

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8 years ago updated in r57725, in r57726.

Mark: Please file a bug as Sam suggested.
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(In reply to comment #10)
> Mark: Please file a bug as Sam suggested.

Filed bug 534292.
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