Crash in [ @ _CFArrayReplaceValues ] while browser is idle



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Java (Java Embedding Plugin)
9 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: marcia, Assigned: smichaud)




(Whiteboard: [crashkill])

Seen while running Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv:1.9.2b5pre) Gecko/20091204 Namoroka/3.6b5pre

1. Had about 15 tabs open and left the machine overnight (A mix of tabs, some game sites)
2. Received the crash shows only 18 crashes but wanted to file it since I did see it on this machine.
Actually this was seen using Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5, not Namoroka.

Comment 2

9 years ago
Signature	_CFArrayReplaceValues
UUID	105d5b11-dd9d-49e6-9589-ea1e22091207
Time 	2009-12-07 15:05:47.600344
Uptime	63224
Last Crash	221219 seconds before submission
Product	Firefox
Version	3.5.5
Build ID	20091102134505
Branch	1.9.1
OS Version	10.5.8 9L31a
CPU	ppc
CPU Info	
Crash Address	0x96164548
User Comments	Machine was idle at time of crash.
Processor Notes 	
Crashing Thread
Frame 	Module 	Signature [Expand] 	Source
0 	CoreFoundation 	_CFArrayReplaceValues 	
1 	Foundation 	-[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:] 	
2 	JavaEmbeddingPlugin 	+[JEPController controllersInWindow:timeoutType:] 	Controller.m:3673
3 	JavaEmbeddingPlugin 	-[NSView JEP_NSView_setNeedsDisplayInRect:] 	Controller.m:704
4 	XUL 	nsChildView::Invalidate 	widget/src/cocoa/
5 	XUL 	nsViewManager::UpdateWidgetArea 	view/src/nsViewManager.cpp:897
6 	XUL 	nsViewManager::UpdateWidgetArea 	view/src/nsViewManager.cpp:879
7 	XUL 	nsViewManager::UpdateView 	view/src/nsViewManager.cpp:926
8 	XUL 	ViewportFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsViewportFrame.cpp:362
9 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
10 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
11 	XUL 	nsHTMLScrollFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsGfxScrollFrame.cpp:237
12 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
13 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
14 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
15 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
16 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
17 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
18 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
19 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
20 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
21 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
22 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
23 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
24 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
25 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
26 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
27 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
28 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
29 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
30 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
31 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
32 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
33 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
34 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
35 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
36 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
37 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
38 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
39 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
40 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
41 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
42 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
43 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
44 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
45 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
46 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
47 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
48 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
49 	XUL 	nsBlockFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsBlockFrame.cpp:510
50 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternalAfterResize 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3731
51 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateInternal 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3755
52 	XUL 	nsIFrame::InvalidateWithFlags 	layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:3690
53 	XUL 	nsImageLoader::RedrawDirtyFrame 	layout/generic/nsIFrame.h:1693
54 	XUL 	nsImageLoader::FrameChanged 	layout/base/nsImageLoader.cpp:204
55 	XUL 	imgRequestProxy::FrameChanged 	modules/libpr0n/src/imgRequestProxy.cpp:435
56 	XUL 	imgRequest::FrameChanged 	modules/libpr0n/src/imgRequest.cpp:523
57 	XUL 	imgContainer::Notify 	modules/libpr0n/src/imgContainer.cpp:701
58 	XUL 	nsTimerImpl::Fire 	xpcom/threads/nsTimerImpl.cpp:423
59 	XUL 	nsTimerEvent::Run 	xpcom/threads/nsTimerImpl.cpp:512
60 	XUL 	nsThread::ProcessNextEvent 	xpcom/threads/nsThread.cpp:521

Filename 	Version 	Debug Identifier 	Debug Filename
JavaEmbedding 		A080F3DC0B49B1D7B84B9DA9FB4E13E90 	JavaEmbedding
libverify.dylib 		B74D984CDAC026001CE43BC0266485720 	libverify.dylib
JavaVM 		70B2EB55D260A17D9AF4DDBB401F34970 	JavaVM
JavaNativeFoundation 		CA6921CAB14840ACC38990B552A2A5A10 	JavaNativeFoundation
MRJPlugin 		BB842896B1BC2604F0C6FD6270C25C5C0 	MRJPlugin
JavaEmbeddingPlugin 		229482C88D5D8EA492ECBCA10AF972160 	JavaEmbeddingPlugin
libawt.jnilib 		E9C7A33ADCE4D7CCBB8F1D1A55E873AD0 	libawt.jnilib
libjava.jnilib 		D273EDF12B1F6FF07D705B2CF62873080 	libjava.jnilib
libzip.jnilib 		0928BEAFC26D5D59C76F5FD9855E52340 	libzip.jnilib
Flash Player 		025105C956638D665850591768FB743D0 	Flash Player
libclient.dylib 		174C6C3FE8BC9094E1EB009A713E0C140 	libclient.dylib
JavaPluginCocoa 		A940CE6AA5240737E39C4966F3AAD94F0 	JavaPluginCocoa
libcmm.jnilib 		52B1FF68209C3D82AA78FAEDFFC2772A0 	libcmm.jnilib
libsuncmm.jnilib 		6C6E797E2D889B98BF0422A41DB70EE90 	libsuncmm.jnilib
libdeploy.jnilib 		E7005745C4FE89C0AAA334375A3B4ED50 	libdeploy.jnilib
libjpeg.jnilib 		462D4E97D63A7BC131072BDBCCCD5EDB0 	libjpeg.jnilib
libfontmanager.jnilib 		AB6E9F9F8EF748B85E92D32E906B0ABD0 	libfontmanager.jnilib
libnet.jnilib 		27EAE8DFBFA57A0D9ED03E7A02DC10E60 	libnet.jnilib
libnio.jnilib 		05228E783A01405A243AF9DC6DA612540 	libnio.jnilib
libjsound.jnilib 		5BC575EA151F8B0066DC5C4DAF09AF120 	libjsound.jnilib
Assignee: nobody → smichaud
Component: Plug-ins → Java Embedding Plugin
QA Contact: plugins → java.jep
Summary: Crash in [ @ _CFArrayReplaceValues ] while browser is idle → Crash in [@ _CFArrayReplaceValues ] while browser is idle


9 years ago
Summary: Crash in [@ _CFArrayReplaceValues ] while browser is idle → Crash in [ @ _CFArrayReplaceValues ] while browser is idle

Comment 3

9 years ago
> shows only 18 crashes but wanted to file it since I
> did see it on this machine.

Most of these crashes have nothing to do with Java.

This probably shouldn't be in the crashkill list ... at least not as a Java bug.

Comment 4

9 years ago
Unfortunately, there are too few of these crashes for them to show up in the "interesting modules lists" at

All of them (over the last week) are in Firefox 3.5.5 -- I'm not sure what this means.

Comment 5

9 years ago
> All of them (over the last week) are in Firefox 3.5.5 -- I'm not
> sure what this means.

Not true.  Of the 22 in my list, two are in Firefox 3.0.X (and the
rest are in FF 3.5.5).

Most of them have the following stack:

0    CoreFoundation   _CFArrayReplaceValues
1    Foundation       -[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]	
2    Foundation       -[NSCFArray addObject:]           	
3    Foundation       -[NSPointerArray allObjects]
4    AppKit           -[NSApplication makeWindowsPerform:inOrder:]
5    AppKit           -[NSApplication run]                      	
6    XUL              nsAppShell::Run
7    XUL              nsAppStartup::Run
8    XUL              XRE_main
9    firefox-bin      main
10   firefox-bin      start crt.c:272
11   firefox-bin      start 						
12                    @0x0

Comment 6

9 years ago
The first six of the logs (like comment #5) that I looked at all had the QuickTime plugin in their lists of modules.

Comment 7

9 years ago
Of the 22 stacks in my list, 13 have the same stack as listed in
comment #5.

None but the one Marcia reported have anything to do with Java.

All have the QuickTime plugin in their lists of modules.

Comment 8

9 years ago
> All have the QuickTime plugin in their lists of modules.

All of the 13.


8 years ago
Component: Java Embedding Plugin → Java (Java Embedding Plugin)
Product: Core → Plugins
Version: 1.9.1 Branch → unspecified

Comment 9

2 years ago
Closing old bugs in the Plugins component. We aren't going to track issues in 3rd-party plugins in the Mozilla bug tracker. In addition, support for NPAPI plugins will be removed at the end of this year; for more details see the post at

If there is a serious bug in Firefox, it needs to be filed in the "Core" product, "Plug-Ins" component.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Product: Plugins → Plugins Graveyard
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