Reach out to Adobe to update their Flash install/update instructions



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10 years ago , which is Adobe's main delivery page for Flash, is confusingly out of date for Firefox.

* , which has Linux instructions, are wrong - there is no installer in the .tar.gz package, for example (just, and there's no Help > About Plug-ins menu in Firefox (they're talking about the Mozilla Suite, I presume).
* Another link ( labeled "For Firefox users, please see the Installation Instructions" is linked from the Flash installation page for Firefox user agents, but is (a) for Adobe Reader, not Flash, and way out of date - the Firefox notification bar has changed since 1.5.

For, we have (*Using+the+Flash+plugin+with+Firefox), which attempts to work around this. However, given Flash's ubiquity, it seems like Adobe should be prodded to get their own site correct.
Kev, do we have any contacts at Adobe?

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10 years ago
Blizzard has been driving most of the discussion with them. I'd def'n ping him about it.
Blizzard, we're getting a lot of searches on sumo for "edit options" and "allowed sites", because a lot of users reading <>. We're going to create an article for people searching for those terms, but it would be best to get those instructions updated. Can you contact Adobe, to have those instructions (and the others in this bug) updated?
Is this still an issue for our users?
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