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Remove mention of Thunderbird in the description of the Lightning XPI


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In my Addons Manager, the description for the Lightning extension is "An integrated calendar for Thunderbird". I suggest that (when the strings unfreeze) it be changed to "An integrated calendar for Thunderbird or SeaMonkey". After all, it _does_ work (quite good AFAICT) within the SeaMonkey MailNews window.
Component: Lightning Only → Lightning: SeaMonkey Integration
QA Contact: lightning → lightning-seamonkey
Instead of adding SeaMonkey to the description we should consider removing "Thunderbird". Otherwise someone might want to add e.g. Postbox or Icedove or Iceape in the future too.
All right then; what about one of:
"A calendar extension for your mailer"
"A calendar in a mailer tab"
"A calendar for Tabmail"
"Integrate calendar and mail"
or something like that? Or even
"Recover your diary"?
Depends on: 516026
Since SeaMonkey intends to ship Lightning by default with bug 516026 closing in, it should be added to the description. Postbox is not a Mozilla project (despite its roots there) and Linux distributions can easily patch install.rdf themselves as they see fit.
I agree to just remove it, or if we can use entities there then maybe even &brandShortName; A few suggestions:

"Calendaring & Scheduling capabilities for &brandShortName;"
"Events, Tasks and Email Scheduling"
"Calendar Integration for your Email"
"Because what would Email be without Calendaring?" ;-)
As a hybrid, how about this?

"Integrated Calendaring & Scheduling for your Email client"

I'm not sure about &brandShortName; if someone looks at the XPI isolated, it won't be clear which application is actually meant.
(In reply to Philipp Kewisch [:Fallen] from comment #4)
> if we can use entities there then maybe even &brandShortName; A few suggestions:

Won't work, I've tried it. There are two locations where this string is set, one is in install.rdf and the other in; the Add-ons Manager uses the latter which doesn't allow for any entities (i.e., an '&' and any other entity is shown verbatim).
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As a starting point, here is the patch with the string proposed in comment #5.
If nobody has any better idea, let's just go with it.
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Possible patch

Review of attachment 8745173 [details] [diff] [review]:

Lets do it, r=philipp. Once pushed, can you write a post on m.d.l10n explaining that this string has changed and that localizers need to adapt? This is one of the strings where we can't just change the entity. To avoid having to remind them in 6 weeks when this merges, we might want to push this to central+aurora.
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Summary: Mention SeaMonkey (not only Thunderbird) in the description of the Lightning XPI → Remove mention of Thunderbird in the description of the Lightning XPI
Thanks, pushed to trunk as
comm-aurora is currently closed, I'll push there once it's open again.

Sure, I'll post in the l10n newsgroup later this morning.
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Just to clarify, this is not the actual late-l10n we know, because we didn't change any entities. Nevertheless, this is a string change, so I'm moving it to the keyword. Thanks for pushing!
Keywords: late-l10n
Whiteboard: [late-l10n]
Yeah, whatever lands on comm-aurora with strings needs attention, was my thinking.
I've sent a message to the l10 mailing list, doesn't show up yet on
Thanks! I believe that list is moderated, so it may take a few days to upload. If it doesn't by the end of the week let me know and I'll post it.
Apparently the new Pootle system at picked up the change even without modifying the property name. The old dashboard wasn't this smart, so that's progress!
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