Middle-Click newsgroup article reference should open in new tab



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Thunderbird should use the same concept as the Mozilla browsers with regard to launching tabs.  That is, if I have a three-button mouse, the middle button should launch a new tab with what is selected by the cursor, especially if the left button would merely open the selection in the current tab/window.  

For example, while browsing a newsgroup, selecting a link to a prior message in the thread currently opens the prior message in the tab where I selected the link, over the message containing the link.  I want to select a thread-link with a middle-click to open the prior message in a new tab, leaving the message containing the link still open.  

Reproducible: Always
David, current summary is too vague. Morphing bug to one specific issue you cited.

if you have other specific examples of where middle click doesn't behave as expected, please file specific bugs for each one.  see https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Bug_writing_guidelines especially "be precise", and "one issue per bug"
Component: Toolbars and Tabs → Message Reader UI
QA Contact: toolbars-tabs → message-reader
Summary: Request: Middle-Click for Tabbed Operations → Middle-Click newsgroup article reference should open in new tab
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