Empty "Inbox" grouped folder but the inbox subfolders of my IMAP accounts are not empty



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8 years ago
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I cannot recall what happened before, the only thing I remember is that I got a new mail and in the message list of the "Inbox" grouped folder, the message count (I group messages by sorting) read "Today (-1/15)". Now the "Inbox" grouped folder is bold and has (1) behind it (this won't change even when I have more unread mails in my inboxes), but the message list is completely empty. I can't even change sorting there. When I open one of its subfulders (the inbox folders of my IMAP accounts), I can see the mails correctly. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Happens every time means I can't get rid of this problem anymore, be it with removing and re-adding a mail account or restarting.

This is major because the grouped folder view does not make sense when its main feature is not working (listing mails of different accounts in the same (virtual) inbox folder).
Does this happens in -safe-mode too (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_mode) ?

Any error message when this happens, in Tools -> Error console ?

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8 years ago
Yes, same in safe mode.
The error console is completely empty.

I also noticed that the grouped folder "drafts" is empty as well, although some of the drafts IMAP folders have a few mails, but with trash and sent it works.
Version: unspecified → 3.0

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8 years ago
Sorry, forget about the drafts folder, after 10-20 seconds the mails appeared. The problem is limited to the inbox.

I tried switching off "indexing and global search" in the prefs because I thought it may be related to indexing (perhaps a corrupt index), but it didn't help.

I've created a new profile and didn't have the problem since.

Is there anything I could do to help debug?

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8 years ago
I have the same problem. I have two accounts one IMAP and one POP. I can see the mails of the POP account in the grouped inbox, but not the IMAP mails.
But if I switch into the offline mode, the mails of the IMAP account appear!

The same holds for the junk folder, the trash works as expected.

I moved from TB2 to TB3 and did not create a new profile.

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8 years ago
I too moved w/o creating a new profile. I renamed the /Applications/Thunderbird.app to Thunderbird2.app though so I could use the new V3 w/o overwriting the old one.

Anyway, yours seem to be a different bug - even when I enter offline mode, my mails won't appear, no matter if I choose to download mails beforehand or not.

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8 years ago
Jay2k1: Have you tried to remove all searched folders of the smart folders (right click on "smart INBOX" -> Properties ...) and re-added them? That solved my problem. Maybe it also helps in your case.

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8 years ago
I hope I didn't get you wrong but I think you misunderstand my problem. Since the "grouped inbox" is a smart folder that's automatically created from all available inbox folders, I cannot add or remove other folders to/from it. All I can do in the properties is "restore index" but that doesn't lead to anything.

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8 years ago
Created attachment 418656 [details]
Smart INBOX properties dialog to select the folders.

If I right click on the "smart INBOX" and select "Properties", I get a new window. In this window I can select which folders should be used. Can't you do that?

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8 years ago
Created attachment 418657 [details]
Contextual Menu on smart inbox on TB3 Mac

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8 years ago
Created attachment 418658 [details]
Property Window from contextual menu on smart inbox on TB3 Mac

There must be a win-mac difference here. This is what I get when I right click on the smart inbox (first attachment) and when I click properties there, I get what you can see on the 2nd attachment.

I could try if I get the same behaviour with a fresh profile.

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8 years ago
Sorry for the spam.
So it's not a win-mac difference. In my newly created profile, the contextual menu has less items (just new window, new tab, rename, favorite and properties) and now the properties menu item opens the same window that can be seen on your attachment.

This is great I think, since it should narrow down the bug for the programmers quite a bit.

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8 years ago
inbox bugs has been a hot topic with bienvenu/others recently

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7 years ago
Jay2k1 do you still see this issue when using version 5 or 3.1?
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