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Remove uses of -moz-mac-unified-toolbar and instead make all toolbars at the top of the window unified


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So simple, why didn't we do that in the first place?

I'm not removing the -moz-appearance value "-moz-mac-unified-toolbar" yet because I'm a little concerned about compatibility. I could be convinced though :)
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If the -moz-appearance value was merely a compatibility concern then I'd argue we shouldn't keep it. This is only going on 1.9.3 and it is early, the perfect time to break compat if we're ever going to. Keeping compat here would merely leave redundancies for the sake of not making a decision right now.

If, on the other hand, having a toolbar somewhere other than at the top of the window would be useful to developers then it is a feature and not merely a compatibility concern. In that case we should keep it.

Markus noted on irc the use case of a toolbar at the bottom of a window, which Firebug might use. I think that makes this a feature, but we might not want to call it "unified." In any case, we should be clear about how to accomplish the desired UI and if possible not have redundancies in what is essentially the API for the toolbar.
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There's another thing I didn't think about before: With this patch, -moz-appearance: toolbar will never draw a gradient toolbar when drawintitlebar="true" is set, but -moz-mac-unified-toolbar will. I'll file a bug on cleaning this up.

I pushed the patch as-is.
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