CalDAV calendar with caching enabled does not update correctly



9 years ago
9 years ago


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9 years ago
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If you add a calendar and enable experimental caching, the calendar will not be updated correctly. If you change change/add/remove an event from another computer to the caldav calendar and restart Shredder/Lightning on the first computer, the calendar will not display the new events, even if you wait for sync...

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add a caldav calendar on two computers with caching enabled
2. Add an event on one computer
3. Restart calendar on both computers or right click "reload" on the calendars
Actual Results:  
Only the computer where the calendar was changed will display the new event

Expected Results:  
Both computers should display the new event.

Seems to be a logical error. Also the cached calendar should ask the server for differences after displaying the cached information...
Jurek, does this still happen with the latest 1.0b2pre nightlies?
no response to questions in previous comment, so => incomplete.
if you still see the problem in the newest version, please comment in the bug.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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