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9 years ago
In bug 392180, the updateType parameter was added to add-on update pings to indicate the type of update check.

We should modify the parsing scripts to record this value, and only update checks of type 112 (per bug 392180 comment #14) should be exported to AMO's db if the updateType param exists. If the updateType param isn't set, as with older Firefox versions, it should be exported to AMO as well.

I would also like to see a breakdown of the updateTypes for one day of pings just so we know how common the other types of checks are.

Whiteboard: Queue for completion by 2010-01-15

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9 years ago
Just checking in on this bug -- the whiteboard mentions last Friday.

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9 years ago
Is there a status update on this bug?
Work on this was done a while ago but it wasn't pushed to production.
I'll get a couple of days breakdown for you today and it should be pushed live today or tomorrow.  Then, you guys can tell me when you want to cut over to the filtered export.
The breakdown is going slower than I hoped because we had to do some other backprocessing to recover from some unrelated ETL problems today.  Here is the first day of Feburary, I should have several more days of breakdown tomorrow morning:

  utc_date  | update_type |   count   
 2010-02-01 |           0 | 150494297
 2010-02-01 |          32 |      2106
 2010-02-01 |          35 |      4801
 2010-02-01 |          49 |    123086
 2010-02-01 |          96 |   1719683
 2010-02-01 |          97 |   3342180
 2010-02-01 |          98 |       433
 2010-02-01 |          99 |       991
 2010-02-01 |         112 |  23428846
Ugh.  I didn't realize that the breakdowns for the other days were not put into this bug.  They were removed after a recent DB upgrade.
The percentages were very similar to the ones reported above.  We are ready to flip this switch as soon as we get go-ahead from you guys.
Obviously you need to communicate to your users that when this switch is flipped, ADU numbers for addons will drop substantially.
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Whiteboard: Queue for completion by 2010-01-15 → Waiting on green flag from AMO

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9 years ago
Alright, can we target for the new stats starting Monday? I'll do a blog post today and also post it to the developers' site.
Sounds good.  I'll uncomment the updateType filter for Monday's export.

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9 years ago
Sounds like this has been fixed (although my own add-ons actually had an increase in ADU...)
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