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[Dashboard] Update the en-US-tree that sunbird10x (--> calendar10x) pulls from and create a calendar11x tree


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Currently the l10n dashboard is pulling the en-US strings from comm-central for the sunbird10x tree. That is not helpful for us.

For the sunbird10x tree it should pull from the comm-1.9.1 repo. 
For pulling from comm-central we should create a new sunbird11x tree.

l10n.ini files
For sunbird11x:

For sunbird10x:
Axel, any chance on geting some traction on this?
Pike: ping!
Hanging on to figure out what we're actually doing on versions, 1.9.2, and sunbird vs lightning.
We need to update the config of the L10n dashboard. We have changed Calendar builds such that:

Lightning 1.0 (beta2) builds from comm-central + releases/mozilla-1.9.2
Lightning 1.1 builds from comm-central + mozilla-central

We need to update l10n dashboard to do the same.

It would be great if we could also rename the l10n targets, since we will 
most likely discontinue Sunbird within the next few weeks.

calendar10x for the comm-central + releases/mozilla-1.9.2 builds
calendar11x for the comm-central + mozilla-central builds

Please let me know if I missed something.
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Axel, any update here?
Summary: [Dashboard] Update the en-US-tree that sunbird10x pulls from and create a sunbird11x tree → [Dashboard] Update the en-US-tree that sunbird10x (--> calendar10x) pulls from and create a calendar11x tree
Axel/Pike: Ping!
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calendar/ locale ini file changes

Looking at my check-outs it seems that no build system refers to l10n-1.9.1.ini yet, so hg mv is fine.
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That l10n.ini patch still needs to land before builds are to start up on the new dashboard.
Keywords: checkin-needed pushed to comm-central.
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Keywords: checkin-needed
Apparently landing the l10n.ini doesn't fix all that needs to be fixed, reopening.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Hrm. Sorry for the lag, should we move 1.9.2 to comm-1.9.2 right away?
I'll need to transplant a few patches, but I guess we'll have to do that anyway. Go ahead and set to comm-1.9.2, I'll do the transplant soon.
I've transplanted all patches, go ahead and set to comm-1.9.2,, both dashboards updated, builds catching up. Posted in .l10n, too.
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Axel, could it be that is not correctly updated? I see that shows the correct status, but the former link does not use the latest tip of the locales.
tools tsunami, sorry.
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