Server's hostname matching another network's name is bad for hostname->network conversion



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cZ 0.9.86 installed in the current profile

The following works:
ChatZilla => Preferences => Global Settings => Startup => Auto-connect URLs => ircs://

It connects to a server which it names "moznet" but when doing a /whois on myself (tonymec) I see among others the line:
=== tonymec is using a Secure Connection

Neither of the following works, in a running but not yet connected chatZilla (and I checked that my DSL interface is connected):
/attach ircs://
/sslserver 6697

They both fail with the message
[ERROR] Unknown host ``moznet'' connecting to ircs://moznet:6697/ (ircs://moznet:6697/). [[Help][Get more information about this error online][faq]] Reconnecting in 15 seconds. [[Cancel]

I believe that in these two cases, cZ "translates" to moznet before passing the result to the DNS server -- which of course has no knowledge of "moznet" as a domain name.

This did not happen in cZ 0.9.85, because it didn't know that and moznet were "the same".
P.S. I believe this bug was created as a side-effect of an imperfect fix for bug 475387.

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9 years ago
Have you checked for any plugins that might be changing the moznet configuration, networks.txt redefining it or any aliases for the /attach and /sslserver commands?

ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.5/20091102152451] has no trouble with either of the commands for me (starting it fresh each time, with no plugins, networks.txt or auto-connect URLs).
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log of failed connection attempts (times are in CET = UTC+0100)
In reply to comment #2
The only installed script is one that warns of CTCP requests from outside.

One possible factor is that before attempting those failed attempts mentioned above, I tried (not sure which) /attach or /sslserver with moznet:6697. Thereafter, until I /quit Chatzilla, it was impossible to connect to ircs:// -- then I /quit to see if auto-connect would still work, and it did.

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9 years ago
Doing either /attach or /sslserver with moznet:6697 will create a network called "moznet:6697", with host "moznet" and port "6697".

One of the optimisations in the code in bug 475387 relies on there never being a network name which is also the hostname of a server in another network - which is, unfortunately, exactly the situation you managed to create with the invalid /attach or /sslserver command.


9 years ago
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Well, even after removing the entry for moznet:6697 in the Preferences, I still could not connect to (not even by writing "ircs://" in the browser's URL bar) until /quit.

You think this bug is INVALID then?

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9 years ago
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Always jump out of outer loop when we've found it
Assignee: rginda → silver
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Summary: Cannot use irc-over-ssl on a known network, except as implicit Chatzilla startup command → Server's hostname matching another network's name is bad for hostname->network conversion
It seems to me that it could be the port that is causing this...

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9 years ago
Comment on attachment 418533 [details] [diff] [review]
Always jump out of outer loop when we've found it

r=me , makes sense. I guess this is enough of a weird case to maybe not make a comment worth it, although it did take me a long while to figure out why this code fixes stuff (also to do with the bizarreness of the issue described). Your choice of adding a comment or not.
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9 years ago
Pushed with no comment --> FIXED.
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