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Remove the commandDispatcher.focusedWindow hack


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Thunderbird 3.1a1


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The rewritten focus code in Mozilla 1.9.2 allows us to call focus() directly on the messagepane or multimessage element and have everything work correctly and the focus transferred to the child window.

Existing tests should cover everything.
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(consider all those dump statements removed :) )
This generally looks good but trying to run the full folder-display suite with or without the patch already fails down on me because of one of a yes/no prompt about deleting all the messages in a collapsed thread.  I will need to look into that unless someone else gets to it first.
I'm guessing there's a problem on Linux there. Could you try it on your Windows build machine if you've been able to set it up?
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I do not have access to other platforms at this time and it looks like it will be another week before I get mozmill hacking time.  Please just land this at some point when you can check how our mozmill tinderboxes feel about things within 24 hours and backout if they get more angry than they already are.
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Since Mozmill is sort of under control now, I've decided to land this:

Marking as in-testsuite+ because existing tests cover this.
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> (consider all those dump statements removed :) )

clearly not :(
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