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Enable gearman-powered maintenance scripts on preview and prod


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(Reporter: wenzel, Assigned: oremj)



There are two gearman-powered maintenance scripts not:

maintenance.php l10n_stats    and
maintenance.php l10n_rss

To run these, the following needs to happen:
- in vendors/gearman-php edit config.php and point the jobs dir to ..../bin/gearman_jobs/ as well as adjusting the server settings if necessary.
- In a screen or similar (better yet, with some sort of watchdog daemon so the worker is restarted when it crashes), start at least one instance of `..../vendors/gearman-php/gearman-worker.php`.
- finally create cron jobs for the two jobs mentioned above. I suggest at least once a day, or every few hours.

Clouserw, who would we assign this to?
I will run the necessary migration on preview shortly:

.... done.
cron jobs that are once a day are fine for now.  Jeremy is the only one that can do this for now, so I'll send to him
Assignee: nobody → jeremy.orem+bugs
Depends on: 531013
I've added these to cron on preview. Prod tag doesn't have gearman code yet.
The "Recent Activity" box is empty for hebrew(he) and cy


We just fixed two bugs that might have caused this:
- cy was part of valid_languages, but not supported_languages, so we are using the former now for maintenance tasks (r59013)
- the RSS feed collected from viewvc only covered the last month, which might not be far enough back for locales with very few updates. We switched it to all available history in r59029.
yep, it's fixed up now
I've verified this is working on preview and production.  Thanks oremj.
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