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Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091204 Lightning/1.0b1 Thunderbird/3.0

From time to time, recent versions of sunbird/lightning get into a strange mode where the main calendar view is frozen: what ever days/week which was visible remains and is unchangeable, regardless of trying to change the date in the minicalendar or via the arrows/today button above the calendar view. (Interestingly, though, the date-range next to the arrow-icons/today button do get changed correspondingly, just not the calendar view below).

This seems to somewhat correlate with network connectivity loss and in particular with suspend/resume cycles (i run it on a laptop) where it probably happens 3 out of ten cycles or so.  In some of these incidents i got the feeling as if the connection to the remote calendars got somewhat ``stuck''.   The only thing which ``unstucks'' the calendar is a restart.  I've tried also calendar reload, switch off & on of calendars but nothing but a restart helped.   This problem happens for both caldav and gdata google calendars (in each case, with multiple calendars from the same account but only calendars from one type enabled).

This probably was not present in the nightly version from 2009-04-30 but was there in recent nightly versions and the release candidate.

I wonder whether it is somewhat related with

Reproducible: Sometimes

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9 years ago
I see this on Vista.

I am using 
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; nb-NO; rv: Gecko/20100216 Lightning/1.0b1 Thunderbird/3.0.2

This is reproducibly always. I cannot change the week, day, multiweek or month.

I am connecting to 3 different calendars (gmail, exchange and a caldav one). All calendars worked fine until update to Lightning 1.0b1

I am seeing this while connected by cable, and I am experiencing no network outages. It is a laptop, and it is offline from time to time, but I do not believe this is network-related.

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wrong data shown in week view

Screenshot showing week view showing data for 15.-21 Feb while 1.-7. Feb should have been shown
Please enable calendar.debug.log and calendar.debug.log.verbose in the advanced config editor (Options > Advanced > General > Config Editor) and check your error console for messages.

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9 years ago
I am also experiencing this effect. In addition to the above, I note that the number grid calendar to the upper left correctly changes, as does the boldness of the number representing whether there are any events on that day. Although this bug is intermittent, it is regular enough for a number of the users to stop using Lightening and go back to paper calendars, which is debilitating to the general use of electronic calendars.

Fedora 11 i386
Summary: Frozen day/week week in Lightning & Sunbird → Frozen day/week week in Lightning

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5 years ago
I can confirm with Windows 7 thunderbird 24.4.0 and lightning 2.6.4. On the same system, using thunderbird 23.0b1 and lightning 2.5b2 works fine.

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10 months ago
this effect re-appeared now in 2018, the central calendar window would not advance beyond the month/week that was shown, it would advance in "Day" view but not in Week,Multi-week and Month view.
The solution was to exit all instances of thunderbird and go back in.
It might have been caused by having two instances of thunderbird open.
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