In save functions of contentAreaUtils.js, either allow callers to specify a localized string for the file picker title, or add the SaveAttachmentTitle key




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9 years ago
Some of the save functions have a parameter named aFilePickerTitleKey,
which contains the ID of the string from ""
that should be used for the file picker's title. SeaMonkey wants to display
a file picker titled "Save Attachment", but there is no key associated with
this string in Toolkit's bundle.

Possible solutions:
 1. Add the SaveAttachmentTitle key to
 2. Allow callers to specify also a localized string for the file picker
     title (more convoluted, but would allow SM to read the localized
     string from, see bug 296597 comment 8)

At present the only function requiring this functionality is internalSave,
called from here:

Waiting for comments.


9 years ago
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9 years ago
One alternative would be rather than hardcoding its location that the string bundle could be found via a XUL <stringbundle> element with a hardcoded ID, but therefore allowing clients to specify a different properties file.
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