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This is a bug I will use to create a complete API which helps us in using tab specific elements in the browser window.

If your test needs this API please add it to the dependency list.
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Patch v1

That's much as possible as I can do for now. All of the elements we have to work with are handled via the API which makes creating tests much easier. Further I have moved the closeAllTabs and createNotificationBarElement function into that API because they are both tabbed browsing related. All tests have been updated and tests have been run on OS X, Linux, and Windows. No new regressions have been caused.
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Patch v2 [checked-in]

Small updates based on the work for the ToolbarAPI.
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Landed on trunk with a follow-up fix:

For mozmill1.9.1 a couple of changes were necessary. Would be great if you can run an additional check before I checkin the patch.
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Patch (1.9.1 branch)
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I'm not able to run the testPrivateBrowsing folder with this new patch. can you verify this, henrik? I don't receive any messages when using a --showall and/or a --show-errors
What didn't work? How did you run the test? No output at all? Works fine for me with a most recent Shiretoko build.
Aakash, ping?
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Patch (1.9.1 branch)

yeah works for me now. it was a problem on my end with firefox versions
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Landed on 1.9.1 as:
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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Docs have been added:
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