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Staging environment throws error when verifying account registration


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The staging environment uses a newer version of PHP (5.3) than the BYOB staging environment, and it looks like there is code that uses the deprecated "split()" function. The account is verified properly, but the error page is displayed, when a "success!" page should be displayed instead.

Steps to repro:

- Register for a new account at
- Click on the account verification link in the email that is sent following registration
- Error displayed as follows:

"An error was detected which prevented the loading of this page. If this problem persists, please contact the website administrator.

modules/auth_profiles/vendor/BigOrNot/CookieManager.php [175]:

Function split() is deprecated"

I have spoken briefly with Les about this, and he is aware of similar issues with PHP 5.3.
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Pushing into my bug queue.
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I was able to register and verify, though the email took awhile to arrive.  Might need to tweak the email server config, but I think this bug itself is fixed.
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I'll have a look at the mail server. Can't remember if OSX does something funny by default, like batching smtp server invocation. Worst case (or, maybe, best case) I'll use an internal relay.
So far, I've used my own gmail account as an SMTP relay for email from my dev machine. I would hope that native PHP mail would work on the staging server, but I haven't really tried it much myself.
Right now there's a message in the queue, and it looks like there was a delivery problem with sending to the MX for your domain:

-Queue ID- --Size-- ----Arrival Time---- -Sender/Recipient-------
23AC3940E9     3468 Wed Feb 10 19:15:09
(conversation with[] timed out while performing the EHLO handshake)

It may be that the MTA there is doing lookups/checks of some kind, so it may be a good idea to re-configure the app to use a relay. I'll make this change.
Ah, yeah... is my email forwarding box / primary spam filter.  They're very suspicious of odd looking sources of incoming email.
verified !
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