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when a minimized window has a dialog sheet, clicking Firefox icon in dock won't restore it




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8 years ago
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(Reporter: Barry K. Nathan, Unassigned)


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8 years ago
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Normally, clicking the Firefox icon in the dock will restore (un-minimize) a minimized window if there are no other windows open. However, If the minimized window is showing a dialog sheet (e.g. "do you really want to close all these tabs"), then Firefox won't restore the window.

If the user ... hmm, how shall I say it? ... has below-average experience with Mac OS X, then he may erroneously conclude that Firefox has locked up and may decide to temporarily switch to Safari until the Mac can be examined by the family's resident IT guru. Especially if he minimized the window (with dialog sheet) by accident. (That's how I found this bug, in fact.)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Make sure Firefox is set up to prompt if you try to close a window with multiple tabs.
2. Open at least two tabs in a window. (Make sure there is only one window open.)
3. Now click the close button in the upper-left corner of the window. (Command-Shift-W or File->Close Window also works here, but the close button is what I've been using during my testing.)
4. Now that you are being asked to confirm closing a window with more than one tab, click the yellow minimize button.
5. Click the Firefox icon in the Dock.
Actual Results:  
After step 4, step 5 doesn't appear to do anything.

Expected Results:  
Step 5 should restore (un-minimize) the window.

Firefox 3.5.7/3.6RC1/trunk, Leopard or Tiger, Intel or PPC, doesn't seem to make a difference. I haven't tried all combinations, but the problem is 100% reproducible on those that I have tried. (At this point I have no systems running Snow Leopard.)

In the process of figuring out how to reliably reproduce this bug, I found another bug in the handling of minimized windows with dialog sheets. I will file that bug later today.
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