un-minimizing a dialog sheet keeps the corresponding window minimized under Leopard (and other weirdness)




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Basically, if you minimize a browser window that also has a sheet, it shows up as two entries (the window and the sheet) in the Window menu and in the Dock menu. If you choose the sheet in the Dock menu, weird stuff starts happening.

The weirdness is more severe under Leopard than Tiger, and more severe on the trunk than on Firefox 3.5.7 or 3.6RC1. See the steps to reproduce/expected results for more information.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
(Steps 1-4 are the same as for bug 538937.)

1. Make sure Firefox is set up to prompt if you try to close a window with multiple tabs.

2. Open at least two tabs in a window. (Make sure there is only one window open.)

3. Now click the close button in the upper-left corner of the window. (Command-Shift-W or File->Close Window also works here, but the close button is what I've been using during my testing.)

4. Now that you are being asked to confirm closing a window with more than one tab, click the yellow minimize button.

5. (Optional) Pull down the Window menu and notice that there are two "windows" listed: the actual browser window, as well as the sheet (with an empty title). I wonder if this is the real bug?

6. (A) Hold down the mouse button on the Firefox icon in the Dock until a menu appears, or (B) Control-click the Firefox icon in the Dock, or (C) right-click the Firefox icon in the dock. (Any one of these three will work for reproducing this bug.)

7. As described above in step 5, there will be two "windows" listed. Furthermore, (unlike the Window menu!) the empty-titled sheet has a checkmark next to it, FWIW. Anyway, choose the empty-titled sheet (the one with the checkmark).

Actual Results:  
On Tiger (not described in the summary), the window and sheet are restored, but it is impossible to re-minimize the window (the yellow minimize button doesn't do anything). At least, this is what happened on the one (Intel) Tiger machine I've tried.

On Leopard (described in the summary, and what I'm most interested in fixing), the sheet is restored *without the window it belongs to* (that is, the window itself stays minimized). This happens on 3.5.7/3.6RC1/trunk on PPC, and 3.5.7 on Intel (I haven't tried 3.6RC1 or trunk on Intel yet).

Additionally, on trunk (20100111 nightly) on Leopard PPC, the buttons on the sheet do not respond to mouse clicks. I can still use Esc or Return on the keyboard, however.

(At this point, none of my Macs have Snow Leopard.)

Expected Results:  
Ideally, I would expect there to only be one Window and Dock menu entry, not two. Less ideally, I still expect either Dock menu entry to properly restore both the window and the sheet.

(For that matter, I have the same expectations of the Window menu. I just noticed that the behavior of the Window menu is more problematic than I previously realized. Choosing the sheet adds a checkmark to it and, in the case of Firefox 3.5.7, it also beeps. Choosing the window itself properly restores the window, but after you dismiss the sheet, the Window menu stays highlighted in the menu bar.)

If this is a bit much for one bug, then I could create more, smaller bugs. However, it's not immediately obvious to me how I would split it up, so for the moment I'll just create this one. (I didn't realize that there was this much going on in this bug until I was double-checking my Steps to Reproduce.)
See also bug 436063.

Comment 2

9 years ago
> 5. (Optional) Pull down the Window menu and notice that there are two
> "windows" listed: the actual browser window, as well as the sheet (with an
> empty title). I wonder if this is the real bug?

Turns out this is bug 349050, although that bug is filed as a Thunderbird 2 bug.

BTW I forgot to mention that in the case of using the Dock menu and choosing the actual browser window, everything works as expected (AFAICT anyway).
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