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Since we want to test several GC strategies for JS and identify bottleneck of the current GC, we should have some kind of visualization tool. The idea is to generate heap snapshots before/after a GC and write this (maybe filtered) information to a file. Visualization tools that read XML files are around. Visualization properties could be age, arena group, connections....


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JSON >> XML for such things...



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Assignee: mozilla → maierfg
Is this still relevant as a non-TM bug?
(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen from comment #2)
> Is this still relevant as a non-TM bug?

Yes, though I don't see it going anywhere soon.  Gregor, want to close it?
Summary: TM: Object visualization tool → Object visualization tool
With bug 680482, we can dump a textual representation of the GC heap.  It shouldn't be too hard to modify my CC heap visualization script to do the same for GC, but that is fairly crude, so I'm not sure if you could do anything about age or arena groups.

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7 years ago
We have an outdated implementation but we might rebase it.

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7 years ago
At, I have seen such a tool being used during Erik Corry's presentation (from the Chrome team). So such a tool already exists and it may be a matter of feeding its API. I don't know where it is though.

Changing the summury, because if you want a tool to visualize objects, it's a different thing. (I have started one at )
Summary: Object visualization tool → Heap visualization tool
With the renaming of this bug it looks awfully similar to bug 670594.  That one has some old code, it was for visualizing at a very high level -- chunks and arenas.  Sounds like this bug is about more fine-grained visualization.  The names should be changed to reflect this.

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7 years ago
Nick already has a bug about heap visualization. This bug is about a finer granularity where we can look at individual objects.
Summary: Heap visualization tool → Object visualization tool
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