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9 years ago
I have rewritten the entire 'application', it should be way easier to understand (and possibly extend). It still uses PHP and a simple sqlite2 database. A working version can be found at

And the zip file containing the source can be found at:

I still recommend that someone has a look at security issues before it's deployed. I know of certain risks but I am not experienced enough to address these issues.

If there are any questions, please let me know. I am happy to help out!

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9 years ago
Note - this is a request from Diederik van Liere and I'd like for us to set this up on one of the rackspace boxes as a community tool.  If someone can set it up for him or give me access, either works for me.

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9 years ago
Any ideas for a domain?

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9 years ago
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whatever happened to

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9 years ago
As in the CRM?  It's stalled on code work.  How's that related to this?
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> As in the CRM?  It's stalled on code work.  How's that related to this?

wouldn't the CRM's use case cover this project? not sure why we need Yet Another Database.

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9 years ago
Number of apps or databases Mozilla IT manages is probably less of a concern to those outside IT.  But to answer your questions, it's probably a timing thing. 

There's no apparently light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for CiviCRM.  

This app is already written and ready to go and nothing about it precludes it from later integrating with the CRM.
Indeed; the tool in the hand is worth the proverbial two in the weeds. ;) We've already waited for this several months due to the CRM-that-would-be, I don't see any reason to delay further. If the CRM comes and is all that, they can be merged, or this can be replaced. or would work for me.

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9 years ago
I set this up on a rackspace VM @ as requested. The only backups right now are the full VM backups done by rackspace nightly and weekly. Are there any monitoring/uptime/backup requirements?
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