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Need way of testing command line arguments (via MozMill?)



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Every now and again we get a need/bug to fix for command line arguments. As these can be a bit complex, having a test harness to provide for testing them would be very good.

Basic requirements:

- Start up Thunderbird with different arguments. Be able to test something each time it is started so that we know the correct actions were taken.
- Be able to have different arguments on different platforms (and maybe different amounts of tests). This is to cope with things like different paths to files and urls.

MozMill seems to be the best tool for testing once started, so that would be the recommendation here - to see if we could add this to the existing MozMill harness, or maybe as a separate set of tests run in a similar harness.

This could be something good as a small student project or for anyone with a bit of python & MozMill knowledge to take on.
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