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IPDL: Include headers as |include protocol PFoo;|, like Java's |import|


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Saying |include protocol "PFoo.ipdl";| is redundant, because the IPDL compiler already knows what PFoo's filename will be and expects that file to be in the IPDL search path.
Implemented as described. Change to the parser was relatively simple, but it obviously affected a bunch of IPDL files across the code base. Hopefully I got them all!
Thomas: you should set the review? flag on this patch to get some eyes on it and hopefully get it committed.
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Thanks Thomas!
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I re-added the |include protocol "Foo.ipdl"| syntax so that we can print a more informative error message.

This is going to set e10s on fire when backported, but this patch relies on too much stuff in my queue for me to write an antidote patch.  It's easy to fix these with sed.
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Updated to m-c latest

Oops, I've been r?ing bent so much today it's in my muscle memory ;).
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