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extend nsIINIParser to allow writing INI files


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Attached patch Patch v.1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
nsIINIParser can currently read, but not write, INI files.

I wasn't sure about the memory stuff here (malloc/free), is this correct or do I need to pull in the PR_ stuff? That's usually the case, but other stuff here seems to be using the plain versions, and it *seems* to work OK.

Also will add some tests for this.
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Patch v.1

I think the giant realloc buffer here is not the right solution. I'd be much happier with the following changes:

* Make mSections use a nsCStringHashKey so that the section key isn't dependent on the read buffer
* Make the INIValue destructor virtual
* Add an AllocatedINIValue subclass which has allocation space for its key/value.

In addition, I don't think we should modify nsIINIParser at this point: just create a derived nsIINIWriter interface so we can use the same patch on trunk and branch.
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Want tests, too, and I'm interested to know how you intend to handle section/key/values with embedded '\n' or '\0', keys with embedded '=', or sections with embedded ']'. I think we should probably just reject them up-front with NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE, since there isn't an escaping mechanism for INI files.
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Attached patch Patch v.2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Switched to using a simpler, all-JS implementation.
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Attached patch Patch v.3 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Doh, forgot to copy the most recent patch.
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There are some parsing differences here, some of which are minor. Your tests also managed to find two bugs in nsINIParser.
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Patch on top to avoid duplicating parsing logic

One change that got lost from the JS version is allowing the creation of a parser for an INI file that exists but is 0 bytes long.

The C++ parser treats this as an error, it should just treat it as a valid input that's empty (same as if it was a file with just whitespace in it).

Similarly for the case of a non-existent file, though I suppose callers could be required to take care of that.
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No, that's preserved, see the 0 == this._iniFile.fileSize check in _readFile.
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Patch v.3

r=me with my changes on top
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Attached patch Patch v.4Splinter Review
Merged with bsmedberg's changes.
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Closed: 15 years ago
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Also pushed

(add nsINIProcessor.js to the package manifest, *sigh*)
We were seeing hangs in the mailnews/ tests. We tracked it down to the nsCRTGlue.cpp change. From irc:

NeilAway: yeah, that change is bogus, it loses the last token if it isn't delimited
Standard9: so is one of the files
Standard9: from the patch it implies he thinks it shouldn't return as having stuff in the ini file
Standard9: [section1]
Standard9: name1
NeilAway: should use strchr for that, not strtok
• NeilAway notes that the strtok code was sort of wrong before, but in a different way, since it wrote NULL in an edge case whereas all the other versions use the end of the string
NeilAway: unless that's by design, and he really meant to use if (!e || !token)
NeilAway: (in the name1 case, token would be null; in the name1= case token would be key+6)

So we went for the safer fix of backing out the NS_strtok change and changing the if statement:

Hopefully this will fix the tests.
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Dv1-SM, correctly sorted.
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Looking for "approval-seamonkey2.0.4=?" actually.
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(In reply to comment #15)
> Created an attachment (id=426269) [details]
> (Ev1-SM-191) Support SeaMonkey downgrading
> Looking for "approval-seamonkey2.0.4=?" actually.

Right, take it as that.
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(Dv1a-SM) Update SeaMonkey packaging
[Checkin: Comment 17]
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(Ev1-SM-191) Support SeaMonkey downgrading
[Checkin: Comment 18]
Attachment #426269 - Attachment description: (Ev1-SM-191) Support SeaMonkey downgrading → (Ev1-SM-191) Support SeaMonkey downgrading [Checkin: Comment 18]
Depends on: 548692
Blanket approval for Lorentz merge to mozilla-1.9.2
a=beltzner for - please make sure to mark status1.9.2:.4-fixed
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
I've documented nsIINIParserWriter:

I've also updated Firefox 4 for developers:

I've also updated Firefox 15 for developers to indicate that writeFile was extended to support the flags parameter:

I believe that covers this. If not, please re-open or file a new doc request as needed. Thanks for calling this to our attention.
It's rather non-obvious but Patch v.4 introduced XPCOMUtils.IterSimpleEnumerator() and XPCOMUtils.IterStringEnumerator() helpers:

Usage example for XPCOMUtils.IterSimpleEnumerator():

> var e = XPCOMUtils.IterSimpleEnumerator(dir.directoryEntries, Components.interfaces.nsIFile);
> for (var file in e)
>   console.log(file.path);

Usage example for XPCOMUtils.IterStringEnumerator():

> var e = XPCOMUtils.IterStringEnumerator(iniParser.getSections());
> for (var section in e)
>   console.log(section);
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