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There appear to be a number of issues with the pseudo-toolbar pseudo-popup "To protect your
privacy, Thunderbird has blocked remote content in this message" notification bar.

It's not always displayed: Bug 541862.  Bug 529735.
There's no way to turn it off if it is accidentally selected: Bug 367665.
It applies to every embedded image in entire message; it's not possible to view just one image without dragging in all the tiny web-bugs or stupidly-enormous images that people sometimes "helpfully" link to.

So, here's my feature enhancement request:

* "Display All Remote Content" / "Hide All Remote Content" should be added to the click-right context menu in message body display panes.

* "Display Remote Image" / "Hide Remote Image" should be added to the context menu for inline images.  Selecting/deselecting this would operate per-image and per-message and *not* be permanently stored anywhere.

* Hovering the mouse over the "broken link icon" for linked images which are not displayed should show the image URL in the status bar, in the same way as is done in Firefox and other browsers (or a tooltip, if the status bar is somehow unavailable for this purpose in Thunderbird.)  That way there's some hint to the user, short of copying the URL (which doesn't work right now: bug 541858) and examining it in an external program.

The user should be provided some idea of what sort of scam/spam/legitimate link is lurking behind an image link before choosing to view it.  (Death to tinyurl!)

* It would be nice to have an option (secret about:config interface is fine) to disable the remote content warning bar mechanism.  I don't personally like it, I know others who don't like it, and it seems to cause a number of UI problems in general (eg Bug 376445, Bug 441344)


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
See above

Expected Results:  
New features.
More pleasant mail reading experience.
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Mac OS X → All
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