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Effectively upon installing Thunderbird 3.0 I found that not only had Thunderbird spent nearly an hour needlessly downloading my All Mail folder in Gmail, it then deleted everything in it which I had been using for years (at least 4 years) as a backup in case of hard drive failure.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set up Gmail account in Thunderbird 3.0.
2. Let Thunderbird download archive.
3. Open Gmail in browser.
Actual Results:  
Gmail All Mail folder empty.

Expected Results:  
Not deleted Gmail All Mail folder.

Long story short I now have lost almost every email I've sent or received on that account since I opened it and its forced me, a user and proselytizer of Thunderbird since the 0.x days to start using MS Outlook 2007 so I didn't lose any more emails. It's bad enough that I personally consider it a major security risk for entities that use the Google servers as a back up and a reason to not use Thunderbird until there's an option to turn it off. Currently I can't find one and a search of Google says there isn't one.
First of all, read documents pointed in meta bug 402793 such as Gmail Help docuent well, before complaint about something funny for you with Gmail/Gmail IMAP, please. And, see bugs listed in dependency tree for bug 402793(with "Show Resolved").

> Actual Results:  
> Gmail All Mail folder empty.

Previous "account wizard" of Tb3.0PreX has capability to create Gmail IMAP account and it defaulted "Remove immediately" with using "[Gmail]/Trash" as trash for safety. But the Gmail IMAP specific account wizard was removed from new account wizard of Tb3. Tb3 sets "Move to Trash" using [Gmail]/Trash as trash by new account wizard.
However, retention policy setting of [Gmail]/All Mail is set to "use my account's setting" by default, and account's setting is "don't delete any message".
So, mails in [Gmail]/All Mail will never be moved to [Gmail]/Trash, unless you requested "copy/move to [Gmail]/Trash" via your setting or your operation.

[Gmail]/All Mail, [Gmail]/Trash, [Gmail]/Spam ("All Mail", "Trash", "Spam" via Web) is very special folder of Gmail & Gmail IMAP.
If you do next, such phenomenon may happen.
 - IMAP delete model : Move to Trash, trash==[Gmail]/Trash
   If you delete mails in [Gmail]/All Mail, they are moved to [Gmail]/Trash.
 - Retention policy  : Option for automatic delete is enabled
   => May be moved to [Gmail]/Trash by retention policy 
If you copied/moved mails in Inbox or other folder to [Gmail]/Trash by your operation, same mails in [Gmail]/All Mail are also deleted from [Gmail]/All Mail. It's design/spec of Gmail / Gmail IMAP.

Check [Gmail]/Trash and [Gmail]/Spam content. If moved to [Gmil]/Trash or [Gmail]/Spam, and if it's within 30 days after move to [Gmail/Trash, and if you don't set option for automatic delete, and if you didn't execute "Empty Trash" nor "Empty Junk", mails are probably held in them, unless you executed "Delete of all mails at Gmail/Trash folder".
If mails are found, move mails back to [Gmail]/All Mail.

Note: Even if you selected "move to Trash, trash==root level Trash==Gmail Label of [Imap]/Trash via Web)", Tb currently uses [Gmail]/Trash as "trash folder". So, "add Gmail label of [Imap]/Trash by delete operation" is currently impossible. It's known issue.
> Bug summry: Archive feature copy Gmail "All Mail" folder rather than move and delete

What folder is set at "keep messages archives in"? [Gmail]/All Mail, isn't it?
Currently, "archive of Tb for Gmail IMAp" == "move to [Gmail]/All Mail which is set at Copies&Folders" == same action as "Archive" button at Gmail Web interface.
AFAIR, "move to [Gmail]/All Mail/yyyy/mm" is not supported for Gmail IMAP account yet. One of reasons why is;
- Gmail IMAP won't save(ignores) \Deleted flag at [Gmail]/All Mail.
- So, "archive at [Gmail]/All Mail == move to [Gmail]/All Mail/yyyy/mm" is
  imposibble. "archive at [Gmail]/All Mail == copy to [Gmail]/All Mail/yyyy/mm"
  is always forced by Gmail IMAP. It'll cause many user's confusion which
  will produce many unwanted/useless bug open at B.M.O.
(In addition to comment #2)
 - "archive at a mail folder == move to [Gmail]/All Mail/yyyy/mm" is also 
    imposibble. Gmail IMAP forces :
      "archive at a mail folder to [Gmail]/All Mail/yyyy/mm" 
      == "copy to [Gmail]/All Mail" + "move to [Gmail]/All Mail/yyyy/mm"
Colin - did that happen when you upgraded from 2.x ?

Are you emails gone from the webmail interface too ?

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Colin, please see comment 4
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